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About Us

Making A Difference

Founded in 2022, Be The Why is more than just a non-profit—it's two-fold organization. While being a catalyst for change, we offer event management services with which we utilize the profits to fuel our faith-filled mission of equipping the next generation. The second part of our organization is we connect young people with opportunities to discover their God-given entrepreneurial purpose.

At the core of Be The why’s ethos lies a commitment to creating a long-lasting purposeful impact on our community by helping youth and young adults discover their God-given entrepreneurial purpose. We accomplish this through customized internships, one on one business mentorships, employment training and development of strong work ethics. Be The Why is committed to transforming families and communities for the present and future generations.
Our vision is to see a flourishing generation of youth and young adults, deeply rooted in their communities. They stand empowered as the next generation of leaders with hearts filled with confidence and unwavering resolve to produce a legacy of well-being. We aspire to ignite a spark in the older generation, urging them to share their wisdom, experience and guidance, while building up a community of compassion and hope. Recognizing the call for transformation, we pledge to enact impactful change, driven by a faithful commitment to create a better tomorrow for all.
Empowering Through Impact
Our Why
At Be The Why, our mission and vision are intertwined with our very essence. Every event we organize, every initiative we undertake, is driven by our relentless commitment to empower youth and young adults. We believe in leaving a legacy that transcends generations, where every dollar of profit generated by Be The Why's Events is reinvested to further our mission.
Our ultimate "why" is to elevate the aspirations of our youth and young adults. We envision a future where their potential knows no bounds, where the ceilings we break become their new floors. We understand that each person has one life to live, and through our work, we aim to empower, inspire, impact, and instigate positive change in their lives.
make a difference
Event Management as a Medium for Change

While event management is our profession, it serves as a powerful medium for us to connect with individuals and businesses alike. It allows us to transform ideas into impactful realities, bridging aspirations with tangible outcomes. Companies and organizations partnering with us not only receive exceptional service but also become integral players in making a real difference in the community.


At Be The Why, every event we organize is a testament to our commitment to building a brighter future. Whether it's a concert, golf outing, fundraiser, or community gathering, each initiative is meticulously crafted to foster meaningful connections and drive collective progress.

We invite you to join us on this journey of empowerment and transformation. Together, we can amplify our impact, inspire change, and create opportunities that pave the way for a better tomorrow. Be The Why: where purpose meets passion, and every event is a step towards a more empowered community.

Luke Erickson

Founder & President

Brittany Erickson.JPG

Brittany Erickson

Co-Founder & Vice President

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